homemade caviar

I will stay first off, do not eat gar eggs, they are poisonous. No one seems to know why though, but don’t eat gar eggs.

Take roe of any fish, remove skin, salt; set aside over night. Next day beat roe apart, pour boiling water over it and stir; when roe is white, pour off the water and let drain; then put in pan with two tablespoons of oil and salt, pepper, a little vinegar, and mix well. Let stand a few days before using.
This caviar may be substituted in all recipes for the Russian caviar or domestic caviar.

Typically, I use these for sushi. I took the ones I got (carp). Cooked them up as  caviar above. I then made Futomaki using cooked carp wich I cooked in a miso gari glaze (miso and sweet pickled ginger), I rolled it with avacodo and asparagus in soy wrappers…Then topped them off with the white caviar…..they were really really good…

Some take the sack of eggs from the fish and fry them after rolling in corn meal or crushed corn flakes.


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