pecorino romano from scratch

Pecorino Romano and a glass of wine

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Homemade pecorino romano. Yes you need a curing chamber, you need a lot of milk. The difference in the breeds of cattle will show in the end product. The tempratures are in celsius!

Pecorino romano

Raw materials- whole milk, fat from 7% to 7.6%, 10% acidity ph/100; of race in Sicily, Sardinia Comisana. Power supply (Think food supply): 90% pasture, 10% forage (grain and fodder).
Processing technology- cleaning and pasteurizing 63 to 68 degrees; pelleted lamb rennet. After breaking the curd is cooked at 45 degrees. After these operations, stop the mass in serum with the clot broke for half an hour. The mass is pressed and left to rest for about 24 hours. Salting is dry with salt, make on average for a period of 90 days, and expressional entrusted to specialized factories. It matures in about 90 days, in sheds moisture from the air-conditioned ‘80%. Yield: 18%

Seasoning– from 10 months to a year in an environment of 8-10 degrees with humidity of ‘80%. When the cheese is matured in salted water and a wash on the crust of a preservative is added as an outer casing of thin black plastic for food.

Characteristics of the finished product- Height: about 20 cm, weight: 33 kg approx; form: full cylindrical faces: crust: smooth, pale yellow with green reflections; dough: grainy, fat, 38-40%; flavor: spicy characteristic

Production calendar- From November to June


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