hog sour lure

ok….doesn’t work on just hogs. Down south I shared hunting talk with a real nice gentlemen and he gave me this recipe, that he uses for luring hogs. It’s really simple.


10 cup corn syrup
10 cup water
5 cup sour lemon juice
5 cup sour lime juice
5 cup sour  orange juice

He’d just stir it all up put into empty soda bottles melt 1-3 holes in the cap and 6-9 holes in the bottom of the bottles once he hung them. They would drip slowly emptying their contents onto the ground. The hogs would come to the smell of slowly dripping sour citrus thats sweet too. Then he’d shoot them.

Well I know a different use!

That’s right switch out the corn syrup for agave nectar, and switch from sour lemon lime and orange juice to fresh and you got your own sour mix!

What’s sour mix good for? Well I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking of sailing away to Margaritaville. If that don’t work, you can try the following 3 drinks from barnone drinks.


Caribbean Iced Tea


Bahama basil smash


purple haze


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