cave man’s python on a rock with fire roasted red peppers and can sauce

Again, this is something more exotic. This is really simple. All you need is a fire, a tin can and peppers and olive oil. Pythons and rattlesnakes you can get down south. Very good very delicious. This is what I call, a survival recipe. Remember in Florida you can hunt pythons now and any pythons you catch cannot be returned to the wild by law! So might as well eat them then toss them away.


1 Rattlesnake/python deboned and sliced into steaks/strips about 1/4th inch thick
1 fire reduced to red hot coals using only natural lump charcoal
1 flat rock either limestone or basalt placed in the fire
a tin can for ever serving of snake (pythons can be up to 200 pounds or more 200 people)
1/2 cup olive oil per serving of snake
3 bell peppers per serving of snake
1 clove garlic per serving of snake

Now how do we do this? Well it’s extremely simple, put your bell peppers on the coal and cook till black on all sides. Scrape off this black skin, and slice into slices seeds removed and discard the stem. Place the fire roasted peppers into a washed out tin can and pour 1/2 cup of olive oil over them. Place this on coals and simmer for 2-3 minutes. Remove CAREFULLY from the fire. Place your snake on the stone, and allow to cook this about 4-5 minutes per side. Once done, remove from stone. Place in a wooden bowl and dump can sauce ontop of python and enjoy!

The olive oil is sweet with a garlic flavor and then the really intense flavors of fire roasted bell peppers ontop of what you’d think is chicken. Absolutely delicious.

2 comments on “cave man’s python on a rock with fire roasted red peppers and can sauce

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