13 Pro tips for grilling perfect fish

Summer is around the corner. Many people will be firing up their grills this summer and cooking some nice fish fillets. Well here’s my Pro tips for grilling awesome fish. You’ll never order grilled fish ever again from any resturaunt ever again! Remember any firm fish fillet will do, salmon, pike, pickerel, rainbow trout, Tilapia, Trout, walley, white fish, zander, grayling, striped bass/rock fish, flying fish, john dory, mahi mahi, shark, monkfish, mullet, pink snapper,  sardines, red snappers, swordfish, and Tile fish are all good fish for grilling. Whole fish 10-20 minutes, steaks 1 inch thick 9-10 minutes! These TIPS ARE FOR FILLETS!

Tip 1, if their an inch thick or thicker, cook them using indirect heat…(coals pushed to one side of the grill opposite of the fish)

Tip 2…the tough leather hide like skin…is your friend. If you wanna char the face of the fillet, put it face down for a minute or 2 over coals. Then flip and cook indirect heat. Why is the skin your friend…it holds the fish together. Any good firm fish is wonderful, but the skin holds it all together.

Tip 3….Olive oil…it helps the fish get a nice color to it.

Tip 4….marinate before grilling….it helps keep the fish moist in my opinion.

Tip 5….Keep the fish dry, if it’s dry it’ll get a nice color to it. If it’s wet…you’ll have an uneven color.

Tip 6….when removing from the grill, slide the spatula under the fillet and the skin to remove the fish from the grill. The charred skin will remain on the grill, and you’ll get a nicely cooked fish without the skin as some people prefere.

Tip 7….time it….4-5 minutes for every 1/2 inch in thickness….8-10 minutes for every inch of thickness.

Tip 8….White-fleshed fish fillets are usually done, but still juicy, when their centers just turn opaque.

Tip 9….SEASON AFTER THE GRILL…this is a big one…cobia with a nice lime butter and pineapple salsa for dinner….never add lime butter or other liquid type stuff to cooking fish…this will ruin the color, it’s better to drizzle warm butter or light fat based sauces over the fish after it’s been cooked.

Tip 10….Do not be afraid to use alternatives to the skin. I’ve used lime, cilantro and mint butter to my fillets tonight with a pineapple salsa…I also “sticked” some fish and wrapped it in thin sliced ham.

Tip 11…..Sticked fish….sticking fish is a term I use for taking and slicing a fillet into small rolls for wrapping. It’s much harder to wrap a whole fish fillet than it is to roll fish sticks.

Tip 12…Play with your food. Don’t be scared to enjoy the food and play with it’s designs. Cook some fish up and try making different patterned sushi from it!
Tip 13…..Have fun, thats the best thing about cooking, have fun while doing it. As my nana used to say, it’s love my little bambino, love is what makes food good. It’s dolce vita, the good life the sweet life….drinking good drinks that you love, with people that you love, cooking food that you love, for people that you love, with ingredients that you love, the food will never be bad.

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  3. […] 13 Pro tips for grilling perfect fish (livindolcevita.wordpress.com) […]

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