Coppiette (di cavallo e di…)

Italiano: Bresaola equina

Image of bresaola via Wikipedia

coppiette (di cavallo e di…) – couples (of horses and …)

Hey if the world ended and a horse you owned died of natural causes and your starving…you now have a way to eat it besides soups an stews an roasts.

Preparation technology – pieces of horse meat into thin strips, seasoned and hung in the chimney to be smoked. Currently almost disappeared and the use of horse meat, pork or replaced by vaccination. In other words, it’s mostly done now with pork.

a) Raw material – strips of horse meat of choice.
b) Technological – salt, pepper and plenty of lemon, orange peel and fennel sometimes used in the province of Latium.

aging – after being seasoned with salt and pepper abundant (in the tradition because it was believed that did not attack the flies) are buried in red wine for a couple of days. (think it means it did not attract the flies.)

seasoning period – ten days, ie until the product is not completely dry, pouring a lot of weight.

historically made in Ariccia in lazio.


the name of “couples” is derived from the techniques of preparation that takes on a wire bent in half in front of the fireplace for db x-trackers dried. The origin of the product and barriers in the need to preserve the meat as long as possible, especially during the winter, or transhumance. This is because the couples were originally only as a horse, while on the move, the meat of sick animals or more vercchi was used to prepare this food. In Rome, was a tradition in the wine-consuming, seritein straw baskets, and adorned with red laces tied in points. Or vendors, known as “coppiettari”, passing through the city streets, shouting “couples!” accompanying them to passers-by offered her a glass of wine. Currently, to produce them with horse meat were porchissimi butchers, and while the popularity of pork and cow.

It ‘a product in danger of extinction because ill-adapted to the ever more oppressive sanitary regulations.

6 comments on “Coppiette (di cavallo e di…)

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  2. adam says:

    earlier this year i had incredible coppiette in rome. which I bought at an organic market, although it was available at other deli’s. it was heavily spiced and made from pork.
    do you know of any other recipes?
    im collecting air dried meat recipes, not as in the humid conditions used for salami, prosciutto, bresaola etc… but thinly cut fast dried recipes where the meat is very dry or done in a few days
    there are many from all over the world,
    i’m south african (but live in london) where biltong is very popular but most commonly made from beef (silver-side and topside) although any cut can be used and most commonly spiced with coriander or chilli and of course salt and some pepper. they also have a fast dried sausage version.
    biltong can be moist and resembles bresaola, although has far less subtle flavours due to the quick drying. it is also made from wild game and even ostridge

    thanks for the recipes! great site

    • This is traditional coppiette as practiced in the region. Due to strict regulation and laws it does not surprise me the one you had was pork. These regulations is why this form of coppiette is in danger of being lost which is why I shared it. I have many recipes but they take time to translate. So far all the meats and cheeses of my ancestral homelands is here but I got more to translate.

      Smokey salumi and warm kitchens
      Frank Macera

      • adam lieber says:

        Hi frank

        Ahh, I see… Although the pork was bloody good. I will try make my own soon. May have to be pork. What I had in Rome definitely was the fennel, paprika and chilli flavoured version.

        Gonna be hard getting horse or donky in London. I’m not sure I understand why they would stop people using horse, you can still buy horse meat in Italy. Perhaps it’s the way they were curing and drying it?

        Well if you have any other recipes they would be much obliged. I’m waiting to collect salumi recipes. Know of any old salumi recipe books, even if in Italian?

        Best Adam

      • Rome is part of lazio known also as latium. So it definetly had fennel. One can order horse online. I do not know of uk laws but here zebra meat is obtainable online.

        The laws are the sanitation laws of Italy and are so strict that working with horse is too much of a hassel. The government has its fingers in everything, not the drying or curing process but everything else which ends the traditional ways.

        The best place for books is

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