soppressate sannitiche

preparation technology – lean meats and pork choices are all cut by hand to the tip of a knife: Then you add diced hard fat (two parts of a face and fat) and tanned with salt, whole black pepper and ground. It is stuffed in natural casings. The brawn are kept under weight for a few days and then exposed to smoke from the kitchen in the basement and after for ages.


a). the raw material – Lean pork, pork fat.
b). Aid – salt, pepper

aging – a fortnight in a warm and breezy. (2 weeks is a fortnight.)

seasoning period – two months later in the cellar. After curing, store them to put themselves in fat (lard or oil)


AERMAR not exaggerated in the south that “the country that you are going brawn.” While it is always made with the same basic ingredients ie pork, salt and pepper, brawn and difficult to find consistent taste. The sensory differences are, by local people, claimed as the result of their unique techniques, combos that taste, aroma and shape are constantly called into play. And since we do not know, for example, the taste of a brawn of pasato whose manufacturer could choose between the black pig, red and white, but everyone agreed that, for the meats, the best remaining red and black. He must have had a large head, the snout short and turned up, long ears, eyes small and lively, short, strong legs, large buttocks, belly protruding, square and round body more than long, quiet, inordinately fond of nature, sleeping infrequently. Venice special considerations made on whether to give the boar to Scroffa to “… yet his talent since quand’ha already pregnant belly, but should not let that du coupled times a year, ie in spring and autumn, why not the weak and growing old priest, and does not have the proellini sad “(a. Balbiani, the real treasure of her companions, issues analysis Bologna 1986, P.218). Not so much surprised if the brawn that benefited from such feedstock have been captured in the diaries of foreign visitors ….

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