About livindolcevita

Well, where to begin. I am 24, born and raised in Rhode Island. My name is Frank. I grew up like anyone else. My grandmother on my mothers side taught me to cook. She tried to teach me to garden, but seems everything I touch dies. My great grandmother got me hooked on sweets at a young age and it shows since I look like an Italian Santa.

Long ago I aspired to write 2 cookbooks. One of the was for pregnant women, I found out with talking with some pregnant women that sometimes being a man invokes hostilities, which I can understand. The other was for manly men. I even had it designed, and wanted it to be a recipe for the mans man. Men who aspired to be like rambo. I’m talking scorpion eating, snake munching guys. Guys that were hardcore drinking cobra blood in a jungle for fun or for survival type of guys. I even went so far as to join a writers club with people who wrote books for a living and was pretty much laughed right out of the club cause I wanted a manly book cover.  I was thinking a special forces skull, k bar knife through the head, lightning bolts and crossed m-4a1s with the American flag and I wanted to dedicate it to all our armed service men and women.I was going to put the motto and creed of each branch into the preface. I had plans, to try to get it printed and get a deal with the publisher, that I want 1 to go to every armed service man and woman in all branches free of charge, and any money that I would make go to the wounded warriors foundation.

In high school during in school suspension I tried writing a book which I was trying to point out that society is creating it’s own killers, and ruining the youth of the nation. I called it the law of the majority vs the insane. I was 17 at the time, I’m 24 and I’ve never finished it. It’s not that I ran out of steam or anything, just never felt like anyone would actually read it. In school it got me into more trouble then anything else, my english teachers loved it, the rest of my teachers were shocked and thought it was disturbing.

Outside of all that, I love to cook, fish, hiking, and hunting. Being a guy I am a huge video game addict. I’m a techie…or as my mother says, electronicus addicti. I went to school for electronics and computer repair. My mother tells people I’ve forgotten more about computers and electronics then most people will learn in their life. I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but I can say for sure that I had the best teacher. Out of all my teachers in school there was only two that I liked.

I love to cook everything, from Chinese to Japanese, African, Spanish, Mexican. I love it all. The only thing I usually don’t cook with is like almonds, peanuts, you know things people with nut allergies don’t go near. I do cook with them but I try to stay far away. I have to be very careful cause of the oils.

Fishing, I love doing it all. The one thing I’d love to do and people tell me I am insane. I want to do shark fishing. I have heard that it’s really really fun. It’s a work out, and anyone can do it. It’s just physically demanding. I’ve fished fresh water, salt water, brackish water, pan fish all the way up to muskies. From Florida all the way up to Maine I’ve gone fishing.

Hunting, well I don’t hunt much anymore, but I am looking to move to Texas and do wild boar hunting. I wanna get a few different rifles for it. To me that be the best way to cut down on food bills. Just buy veggies, a single boar can provide tons of food. Some range from 200 pounds to 800 pounds plus. To me that is a lot of food. I can grill all the time with that much meat. I can do tons of cured meats. Just buy veggies nothing else.

Gaming, well theres not many games I don’t like. I’m a typical guy. I love my action games, my survival horrors, my shooters, my horror games, the occation racing game, Role playing games, and of course shooters. Battlefield 3 awesome, call of duty mw3, great. Dead space 1 and 2 absolutely wonderful, short games but good games. Skyrim wonderfully good game. Not many games I don’t like.

Think the most important thing about me, is the reason I am livin dolce vita.

Long ago I learned knife making. Never sat down and made any but I learned. I just need to build a forge and then I wanna sit down and build my own custom homemade razor sharp kitchen knives. That for me be something really special, cause I can make them the way best suited to my own needs. A forge is very easy to put together. Just takes time, then making the knives thats a bit more difficult but it’s really good none the less.

That’s kinda all I can think of about myself right now.


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