My Mission

Something I just discovered is this page. Well what is this about. I have a passion for cooking. Sometimes I come up with some rather interesting ideas and recipes. I’m Italian, born in America, and was raised without taking short cuts. I want to share some of my recipes with the world, but at the same time. I want to make things from scratch. I like teaching people how to do things that they didn’t know before. So in a nut shell. I want to share my recipes and my knowledge with people. I want to share my ideas, my passion. I also like hearing how they enjoy the things I’ve put out there.

I will say this. I am a man, and a wild one at that. You will see things that may turn your stomach, or things you’d never think of eating, like snakes, or kangaroo, or turtle. I pride myself on recipes that are not for your every day person. I like to think if the world as we know it ends, that some people might just survive in style with some of these wild recipes.


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