Back up and running

I know I was only going to be away for a week cause of 9/11 but I stayed away longer cause of the Libyan attack.


In memory of 9/11

In memory of 9/11 my blog will not be updated from now (september 7th) to the 14th of september.  I shall not add any recipe, nor accept any comments, until this week of silence for the families and soldiers has past.

For a complete list of people who died you can find the complete list here:

Further more I’d like to thank our Armed Forces for all their hard work and dedication. Without them this nation would not be so great. I’d also like to honor the fallen soldiers who have given the ultimate sacrafice.

If anyone is looking for flags to fly in support of family or friends who maybe serving. I got my flag from

Thank you everyone in the U.S. Armed Forces proud of you all. My heart goes out to all the families who were touched on this tragic day.

Sorry for the inactivity

I’d like to take this time to post and appologize to everyone for letting this blog of mine become inactive. I’m in the middle of creating my very first cook book. My goddess has been telling me to do a resturaunt but I figure if I did, the cost of it is a problem. If it tanks and in this economy it probably would it would leave my family and myself in debt. So I figued the next best thing to do was to write a cookbook. This moment I am working on learning the food photography, trying to get a good camera set up so I can take my own photos.

I don’t want to slam the professionals, but I am learning there is a lot of trickery in the food photography business. For example it is not uncommon for cotton balls to be placed behind food after being dipped in boiling water in a cold room to convey that it is steaming hot and fresh. Other tricks are spraying food with Polyurathane to give it a hot and juicy appearance. Polyurathane is a type of plastic, so your not going to be able to eat the food. Cerals they don’t use milk, it’s elmers glue. That’s right the same stuff you used in school during art class. I believe this is low down and dirty. This book, I ain’t using any of this trickery and none of the food is going to waste.

I will warn you, this cook book is not for the squeemish. I’m also going to try to add information on where to obtain herbs, spices, ingrediants, and harvesting.

What’s hanging me up right now is a book cover, title and the actual writing part.